Last Chance for Lighthouse Point

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There are plenty of places in the Bahamas where Disney can dock its cruise ships. There is only one Lighthouse Point.


The Point

Photo Credit: BREEF

Photo Credit: BREEF


Disney, please do not destroy a special natural place.


Lighthouse Point, at the southernmost tip of the island of Eleuthera, has been treasured by generations of Bahamians. CNN recently named the point one of the island’s handful of “showstopping sights”. It’s limestone cliffs overlooking unspoiled beaches, and turquoise waters are unique in the Bahamas. The point is surrounded by waters containing important geological features and rich biodiversity, including endangered coral, high concentrations of sharks, fish and other marine life. The surrounding ocean is so biologically rich that the area has been formally proposed to the government as a Marine Protected Area.

Yet Disney has received an initial green light from the Government of the Bahamas to push ahead with plans for a massive cruise ship port at the point. This is our last chance to save Lighthouse Point and create a sustainable future for South Eleuthera.

Join the environmental groups working to protect Lighthouse Point - take action and sign the petition to call upon Disney to secure a different, more suitable site for their cruise ship port and instead work with Bahamian citizen groups on a sustainable development alternative for Lighthouse Point. 


Help Disney avoid making a big mistake at Lighthouse Point. Sign the petition to tell Disney to join us in protecting this natural treasure for generations to come.


The Threat

The Bahamas is under immense pressure from a rapidly growing cruise ship industry. Lighthouse Point is among the nation’s most spectacular untouched areas, and any decision about its future should be fully informed and publicly debated

Disney has worked for years to build a strong environmental record. Now their cruise line is about to make a big mistake at Lighthouse Point.


Environmental Damage

The construction of a 0.6 mile long pier and the operation of a cruise ship port will cause irreparable damage to Lighthouse Point and the surrounding ocean - completely incompatible with the proposed protected status for the area.

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Questionable Economics

75% of tourists in The Bahamas are cruise ship passengers, but they only account for 10% of the nation’s tourism GDP. A cruise ship port is not the best option for South Eleuthera, and the economic benefits are unclear and doubtful.

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Lack of Transparency

Disney Cruise Lines should not be rushing through its cruise ship port proposal. The concerns of Bahamian environmental groups about the EIA now underway for the project have been dismissed by Disney. 

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A Special Place


"Lighthouse Point is one of the most unique settings on Eleuthera, remarkable for its ecological diversity and its significant role in the cultural heritage of the island. It has played important cultural and economic roles for the people of South Eleuthera throughout the centuries…”

Elena Sesma, University of Massachusetts Amherst / Memory and History in South Eleuthera: A Report to the People of South Eleuthera



Share Your Story


If you have a memory of Lighthouse Point, or if this beautiful place is important to you in any way, we’d love to hear your story. Voices like yours are an important part of how we will protect Lighthouse Point. Share your story with us at the link below.


The Campaign

The Last Chance for Lighthouse Point Campaign is a platform created by the partner organizations for people worldwide to convince Disney to commit to an alternative plan to protect one of our planet’s natural treasures.  

Disney has a choice to make at the end of this tale.  Disney could damage its environmental record OR Disney could join with us and other citizen groups in making Lighthouse Point a hopeful beacon for the future of the oceans. We stand ready to cooperate with Disney on a blue-green, win-win development alternative for Lighthouse Point and on locating its cruise ship port to another more suitable site.

The Partners

Meet our founding partners: BREEF, EARTHCARE, reEarth, Save the Bays, Waterkeepers Bahamas, and Waterkeeper Alliance.

We welcome the support and engagement of other organizations.  If interested in joining the Last Chance campaign, contact us here.